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Debt Slavery, Bitcoin & Black America

It’s May 31st, we’ve just seen the beginning of what some are calling the American Spring protests.

This is not all about racism, massive protests have been errupting all over the world in the last 18 months from Hong Kong to France to Iran.

Protests in America are fuelled not only by yet another racist cop murdering an unarmed black man, but also the same energy behind the Occupy Wall St movement during the last financial crisis as well as the Arab Spring movement.

In the west it feels like the Anti-Trump movement, Black Lives Matter & Occupy Wall St has been merging together culminating in violent clashes all across America. The police have mostly been the violent ones, brutally targeting everyone including the iconic moment when a black CNN journalist & his crew was arrested live on TV.

Last night’s events was mixed with far-right confederation-flag toting agitators attacking protestors with crossbows & vehicles, regardless of their skin color. Those viral snippets seemed to be fringe events though.

For every 1 alt-right or alt-left violent act there were 100 police brutality events.

Far-left agitators have been brutally attacking business owners, leading to Trump declaring that ANTIFA will be declared a domestic terror group.

There’s a fragmentation of the nation’s psyche here because this is not just a political issue or a race issue.

Only about half of America voted in the last election. ~25% for Democrat, 25% for Trump, 50% were not motivated by either candidate to even vote.

Hong Kong saw historic voter turnout in the recent election, at about 70%, citizens voted to install a pro-Democracy government by a landslide. Now 6 months later, we see China is done with Democracy and is now blatantly absorbing Hong Kong & circumventing the will of the people of Hong Kong.

That’s the difference between protests in China & America, both systems seem to be broken. We see police brutality in both the democratic system & the communist system – but at least in America there’s still still hope because of things like free speech.

Killer Mike gave a moving speech that you can find on YouTube. If this was China, he would not be allowed to speak his mind, or he would be censored or rounded up and placed in a re-education camp.

RussiaGate & the mainstream news’ obsession with Trump has fractured the American trust system … the fringe now sits in mostly opposite camps, wholly distrusting each other. CNN vs Fox. Republican vs Democrat. Left vs Right. Covid vs ‘just the flu.’

The Democrats are offering nothing to solve this problem either.

The left & the Clintons are to thank for the militarization of the police – Clinton’s tough on crime & 3 strikes stance in the 90s has lead to the systemic racism that sees black & latino men harvested from inner cities to be planted in for-profit private prisons for non-violent drug crimes.

Obama did nothing to move towards decriminalization of marijuana. On his way out he did a token pardoning of some non-violent drug criminals … too little too late.

You can’t blame Trump or the Republicans for Clinton’s policies or Obama’s failures to change and provide hope. You can blame Bush & Trump for ALSO not changing the racist prison system & drug laws.

If you have not watched the Netflix documentary ‘13th’ I urge you to do so. America’s definitely broken & systemic racism is real. Police brutality is real, and it’s a threat to everyone regardless of skin color as we saw last night during the protests.

Unfortunately, the current democratic party is offering nothing as a good alternative … we have Joe Biden saying “If you don’t vote for me, you’re not black,” showing he has absolutely no sense of what’s really going on. I don’t understand how he can’t see how disrespectful that is to black voters.

The majority of America is not hard left or hard right on the political issue – but the majority of people seem to be against both racist police killing black people, and also against violent protests & looting.

If you are drawing a line in the sand at putting yourself in the shoes of the people who go from protesting to looting, let me challenge your thinking just a little bit.

In America, protestors took to rioting & looting big businesses. Whether these looting sprees were started by agent provocateurs or not is irrelevant – the energy behind the event is what matters.

If you are critical of protestors looting, why are you ok with the Federal Reserve looting your own pocket?

Elite bankers have literally been stealing wealth from every generation for the last 100 years.

Banks have 0% interest rates yet they charge you 20% on your credit cards…why is that?

Banks print the money for nothing, loan it out to you for cars & houses at high interest rates…does that seem fair?

People are more in debt than ever in history. The wealth gap is higher than it’s ever been, average interest rates are higher than ever before.

The largest companies have been abusing the system of public pension plans & stock buybacks to make hundreds of billions in bonuses & fees … they are too big to fail, so when hard times come, they get bailed out. This is not capitalism, it’s cronyism & corporatism.

Capitalism is not the problem, corruption is.

Tax dollars are being used to bail out banks.

Tax dollars are being used to bail out billionaires.

Tax dollars are being used to beat down protestors & press.

Tax dollars are even being used to pay for the police brutality fines!

The average person has been couped up at home due to Covid lockdown measures, losing income, feeling desperate, while Wall St is making record profits.

The stock market has disconnected from the economy.

What are the big banks adding to society? Nothing…they aren’t producing anything of value, all they are doing is looting.

When they print trillions of dollars, someone’s going to pay for that – our kids.

Your hard earned savings is being devalued by central bankers printing trillions to prop up the stock market ponzi scheme that disproportionately benefits the 0.1%

We are all in a system of control & debt slavery. You can opt out, but you have to be aware the game is rigged against you first.

They don’t want you to wake up to the fact that money itself is an illusion.

When governments can print unlimited money, they can enforce unlimited violence.

Systemic change is needed, but most people are pissed off when they see the news … yet they have families & don’t want to risk their own safety by going out and protesting.

You can be smart by protesting the system & benefitting yourself & your family at the same time.

You can take steps to protect yourself, you can vote with your money and exit the corrupt fiat system.

My Twitter-friend Isaiah Jackson wrote this book about how you can use Bitcoin to separate from the racist banking system.

Hopefully someone finds this relevant and takes step to channel their anger to change their life for the positive.

Don’t just get mad, get bitcoin.



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