Recently a friend of mine was telling me his thesis about how he thinks Ethereum will succeed even if it doesn’t scale properly.

A network like ETH provides a lot more value than just being a scalable protocol. It stores and protects hundreds of billions (soon trillions) in value and does so without the need for traditional banks. That alone is incredibly valuable.

Some say ETH is becoming silver to BTC’s gold, but I think that is even downplaying the network effects and liquidity building on ETH. Just watch.

I’m a Bitcoiner and he’s a VC/trader/wealth manager who has long…

As Bitcoin continues to gain footing everywhere, it’s the most unexpected places in the world that are at the forefront with adoption. Places like Africa and India make up the vast majority of users on peer-to-peer crypto exchange Paxful — not Western economies like Canada, the US, UK, Australia, etc.

Google search volume for Bitcoin in Nigeria, a country with 200,000,000 people in Africa, is steadily increasing over time.

Is Bitcoin only a speculative asset, or are people using it for more than that? And why does it appear to be the go-to cryptocurrency for the majority of users?

In episode 31 of the Magic Money Internet Podcast, I discussed these topics with Ray Youssef, CEO, and founder of…

From Bitcoin to Ethereum & Back.

As someone who escaped poverty & has improved his life thanks to lessons learned about money & investing through mining, losing, using & holding Bitcoin, my mission is to influence & educate as many people as I can about the benefits of Bitcoin.

I’m a Bitcoin maximalist, but I’m also a fomosapien. I understand the degenerate urges of altcoin gamblers & I relate with the fear of missing out on a 10X.

Only about 1% of the population has used Bitcoin. …

Dr Edwin Vieira 2020 Interview with a Millennial Bitcoin Investor on Gold & Monetary History

Dr Edwin Vieira is one of the world’s pre-eminent domain experts on gold & silver as constitutional money, as well as a monetary historian.

He wrote the seminal work “Pieces of Eight” which is a 1700 page tome on the subject that has become somewhat of a rare collectors item.

He’s a constitutional attorney who has taken multiple cases to the supreme court.

I’m a regular guy, not a lawyer or a monetary expert…just a millennial entrepreneur who found Bitcoin as a way…

I’m a millennial libertarian, I believe in human rights, privacy, property rights & free market capitalism. I lean left on social issues and I lean right on fiscal issues.

That just means that I support equal rights for all, and I think we should keep the government a lot more accountable with how they spend our money.

Anyone should be able to do what they want as long as it’s not hurting anyone else, and I also think federal income tax is more of a system of control than a way to fund the building of roads, garbage collection &…

A Bitcoin Protest Poem.

All words in this piece were used from @IamTheCharacter’s BLM protest video on Twitter. I’m not a poet, but I was inspired by Eric aka The Character to write this using his words.

The elites of this country
use the financial system to oppress us
With our own money,
with our dollars, they are killin us

That is absurd.

There is a new financial system
that I want to present to you.
This system is called Bitcoin.
It was created for this very purpose.

All you need is a phone
and the elites do not have…

All Lives Matter

Have you been using the #AllLivesMatter hashtag?

I’ve used this hashtag before. Years ago, right when the Black Lives Matter movement started, before police had to wear bodycams.

You’ve probably got good intentions, but unfortunately what you’re likely doing is telling black people that their cause doesn’t matter.

I used to be in the All Lives Matter camp, because as a Libertarian, I truly believe that skin color doesn’t matter.

My nieces are black, my cousin is black, my brother-in-law is black, I have black friends. I don’t see black or white or brown. Most people are…

Debt Slavery, Bitcoin & Black America

It’s May 31st, we’ve just seen the beginning of what some are calling the American Spring protests.

This is not all about racism, massive protests have been errupting all over the world in the last 18 months from Hong Kong to France to Iran.

Protests in America are fuelled not only by yet another racist cop murdering an unarmed black man, but also the same energy behind the Occupy Wall St movement during the last financial crisis as well as the Arab Spring movement.

In the west it feels like the Anti-Trump movement, Black…

9 Common COVID19 Misinformation Rebuttals.

The curve is flattening because of statism and it’s triggering a lot of smart people.

  • We must remain vigilant against government overreach and the erection of the surveillance state ✅
  • COVID19 is more like the flu than SARS ❌

4 things are certain:

  • SARS-CoV-2 is a real pandemic threat.
  • civil liberties are under seige.
  • governments waited until markets crashed before they acted.
  • governments acted inefficiently, using a sledge hammer rather than surgical tools.

Smart people are using data to show that COVID19 deaths are only 8 standard deviations above the norm (which is really…

Coronavirus outlook & financial predictions March 14 2020

Here’s my outlook for the stock markets & the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 situation:

Short term (next 2 weeks)

Barring some crazy event this weekend (such as New York City quarantined, Trump goes to hospital with Coronavirus), Monday will open up choppy – a small rally, a small dip.

Towards the end of the week as the economic impact of schools closing, travel restrictions & social distancing starts hitting people – along with the C19 numbers growing exponentially in USA – the market sells off Thursday or Friday March 20th.

The FED will…

Brad Mills

Bitcoin evangelist since 2011, sans labels I’m a value maximalist. If it’s anti-bitcoin, I fight against it. Xsquared.Ventures | Magic Internet Money podcast

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